Here We Are

Lyrics by Caryl Churchill. Music by Eliza Blair.

More of You

Music and Lyrics by Chris Stapleton & Ronnie Bowman.

Performed by Eliza Blair & Joshua Rodman.

Recorded at Studio D Recording Inc., Sausalito, CA.

More Of You


Music and Lyrics by Kerrigan and Lowdermilk. Accompanied by Dylan Marcaurele. Performed for Brian Lowdermilk.

First Date, Last Night

Music and Lyrics by Pasek and Paul. Performed by Eliza Blair and Ian Johnston.

"Mantz, on Both Sides of the Spotlight" Profile

"A prolific theater-maker, Mantz has participated in about a dozen Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club shows in her just-over-three semesters at Harvard. She’s active within the community as well; [...] Mantz has acted in plenty of roles, taking on roles that run the gamut from exotic dancer to band “momager.”

Crystal's Review

"This sort of bleak, cynical humor comes through the strongest in the character of Candy, the flighty, deeply troubled mother of Johnny. As Candy, Mantz performs admirably, somehow highlighting genuinely funny moments even in her character’s desperate circumstances. She dominates the stage as the conflicts between the characters converge into a seat-gripping climax..."

Measure for Measure 


"Cami and Mantz, in particular, act with remarkable emotional depth. As the play progresses, Mantz develops Isabella’s reaction from the shock and agony she initially experiences at the grave choice she faces into resolve and righteous fury."