• Currently shooting the SAG feature film The Fall on location in Santa Barbara. Directed by Shaun Hart, with Jim O'Heir and Jeremy Sumpter. Visit project IMDb.

  • Joan of Arc in historical comedy series Book of Queer, coming soon to Discovery Plus! Created by Pulitzer Prize finalist Eric Cervini.

  • Lead role in short psychological thriller Little Anna, written and directed by Jess Kohs. Visit project IMDb.

  • Recently wrapped on the feature film Maybe Someday from award-winning writer/director Michelle Ehlen with Ballet Diesel Films, playing the younger version of the protagonist. Visit project IMDb.

  • Black Lives Matter. For educational tools to learn about and talk about anti-racism, places to donate, petitions to sign, and more actions to take to support the racial justice movement, click here.

  • Ran the 2021 LA Marathon to raise money for the LA LGBT Center and did not die!


~ face of a child, traumas of an adult, packaged in sunshine and delivered with sarcasm ~


Eliza Blair is a sunny cynic with one foot on the ground, one foot in the sky, and a third foot in hell. Growing up in a small town in the Bay Area, Eliza participated in theatre after being dubbed a safety hazard to everyone in sports, and trained in acting, tap dance, singing, and technical theatre. When, eventually, the city of San Francisco asked, “Can you code?” and Eliza said, “No?” and the city said, “Get out,” Eliza packed up and went across the country to Harvard to get a degree in Theatre Dance & Media and African American Studies instead.


While studying both experimental and classical theatre alongside race, gender, and social justice, Eliza continued to pursue acting outside of school, training at the London Academy of Dramatic Arts, Powerhouse Theatre, Moscow Arts Theatre School, and Atlantic Acting School. A delightfully bubbly and deceptive brash non-conformist, Eliza has always worked to use art for positive change - at Harvard, Eliza created socially-engaged experimental productions of classical texts, led public art projects, and directed the second- and third-annual productions of Our Voices, which brings together original art by survivors of sexual assault.


After solo backpacking through Europe, Eliza landed in LA and has since played leads in the dark comedy feature film Family Affair, the period drama series Civil Defense: Red Rover, and the world premiere production of Never is Now at the Skylight Theatre (which is now being performed for students and teachers across LA), among others. Eliza also served as Intimacy Coordinator for the short film Feeling Sexual, and is training for a marathon because solo sports seem safe enough. Eliza aims to help people feel seen by working with woman-adjacent and queer artists to highlight the experiences of underserved populations and uplift the work of folks fighting for equality.