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​"Blair plays the role with an attractive guilelessness. They show every emotion as it hits them and...there are provocations from every direction. They also sing John Biddle’s songs with a Broadway chutzpah, their Californian upbringing giving Pinocchio an unusually assured musical presence."

"A great kudos to the actors who play the younger Jay and Jess as well. Their scenes are some of the highlights of the movie. Blair, in particular, plays such an excellent version of Jay, giving the same awkwardness as Ehlen and repeatedly making me cringe in the best way with how just unable to express herself she is." ​​

"Eliza Blair is vulnerable and heartbreaking as young Jay, bringing energy and openness..."

"Eliza Blair as young Jay is a scene-stealer. "

"Blair’s version of the character is played with as much focus and control as her older counterpart."

"Eliza Blair proving stellar as the teenaged Jay."​​

"Standout are Eliza Blair and Cameron Norman as young Jay and young Jess, respectively. Those two soar, particularly Blair as she navigates the youthful unrequited love as well as coming out to her friends."

"The life of Eliza [Blair] is probably not compliant to Occupation Safety and Health Administration standards."

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